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How to Request 'No Gifts' on Wedding Invitations

Posted - 11/07/2012

Many couples don’t want to place the burden of getting a gift from their wedding guests. Many people feel they already have enough stuff and/or they feel that their guests are already spending enough to attend their wedding. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly tacky to print “No gifts please” on a wedding invitation. There are ways to let your guests know that you do not expect a gift from them, however. Many people choose to leave off any mention of gifts in the invitation and leave it up to their bridal party to get the word out that gifts are not required. Of course, the bride and groom should also tell their family and close friends that they do not want gifts.

There is always the possibility of someone showing up with a gift, however, making a potentially awkward situation. One solution is to print the phrase “only the honor of your presence is requested” either on the invitation or on the RSVP card. This phrase usually gets the message across that guests should not bring gifts, but does not mention gifts directly. Contact Long Island Custom Wedding Invitations for help with coming up with the perfect wording and phrasing on your wedding invitations.
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