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How To Make a Wedding Registry

Posted - 05/02/2012

Organizing a wedding is an exciting yet timely process that involves a number of steps. Before sending out wedding invitations, be sure to create a wedding registry. This process will help your guests come up with gift ideas that are essentially exactly what you wanted.

The first step in making a wedding registry is selecting two or three stores that carry items that appeal to your personal taste. Once you have selected the stores you like, simply go to the counter and tell a customer service associate that you would like to make a wedding registry. The associate will usually help you enter your name and wedding information into a computer, and then give you a hand-held device that you can take through the store and you scan items you would like to have as gifts.

After you register, include these store names in your invitations. Be sure that your guests have access to shop at these stores either in-person or online. Once your guests know where you are registered, they can find your name and items in the store's system and shop away. For more information about how to make a wedding registry, or for help creating your personalized invitations, contact a Custom Wedding Invitations company today.
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