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How to Fold Wedding Invitations

Posted - 07/18/2012

Getting ready to fold your wedding invitations? Here are some tips to get you started!

Tip One: Take heed to the instructions that come included! The quickest way to make a mistake you cannot undo is to fold the wedding invitations your way instead of the right way, which is delineated in the instructions.

Tip Two: Relax and focus on what you are doing if the invitations come without instructions! Here is where using common sense is best. By relaxing and focusing, you will be able to make each fold and crease look neat and nearly perfect.

Tip Three: Unleash your artistic side and fold in the manner you see fit! Adhering to instructions will make this job easier than it seems, but if ignoring instructions opens the way for you to be creative, then by all means ignore them. You will not regret this decision; you will be happy with it instead. Once you fold the wedding invitations to some degree, consider doing the following creative idea: . Fold the tips--that way, the wedding invitations will have an attractive appeal with or without text or artwork.

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