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How to Create Custom Artwork For Your Wedding Invitations

Posted - 04/16/2012

Your wedding invitations should be a beautiful and personal reflection of your relationship. If you want to create unique, unforgettable invitations, consider using custom artwork. The project can be a lot of fun, and you do not necessarily have to be an artist to do it. If you have an idea for a design in mind, you can use computer imaging software to bring it to life.

There are many ways to alter colors, patterns and effects using software that is developed for creating cards and invitations. You can transform personal photographs with special effects, or even start with free clip art. If you want to use painted artwork that you have created, you can scan it or take a close-up digital photo to use. Once you have decided on your theme, you can add decorative fonts, special papers and elegant flourishes.

Some types of art are not optimized for home printers, but once your idea is developed, you can take your plans to professional printers who have access to a greater variety of options like embossments and metallic inks. This also ensures accuracy. For more information or to obtain pricing and production details, consult a custom wedding invitations company.
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