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Custom Wedding Invitations Tips

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Reasons to Add Something Special to Your Wedding Invitations

Posted - 11/12/2014
Every couple wants to make sure their wedding day is special. A great way to achieve ceremonial bliss is by customizing the wedding invitations. If you add something personal like a quote from your wedding song or a memorable fact about yourselves, you can guarantee guests will remember your special day as long as you do. Puttin...

Choosing Your Wedding Invitation Style

Posted - 07/11/2014
They always tell us that first impressions count, and that is what your wedding invitation is. It is the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding, and that means that it should reflect who you are as a couple. When you are looking at the various invitation styles out there, you will find that each is designed...

Matching Your Wedding Theme to your Invite

Posted - 05/06/2014
Your wedding invitations announce to others the date of the wedding, the location and the time. When you create your invitations, there are a few things to keep in mind. Choose a design that blends with the rest of the wedding. Try to stay with colors that are in the wedding and possibly the flowers that are going to be used. If...

Wedding Invitations

Posted - 03/25/2014

If you decide to make custom wedding invitations, you need to make a template before you get them printed. This will give you a copy to work with in case you need to make changes to the invitations. Choose a picture for the front of the invitation that tells the story of you and your future spouse. The inside of the invi...

Preserving Your Wedding Invitation For Years to Come.

Posted - 11/06/2013

Many brides spend good money to preserve their wedding attire. The dress is pressed and sealed in a special box, the bouquet is dried and carefully packed away, and the wedding cake topper is frozen for a later celebration of their special day. It is equally significant to preserve your wedding memory by means of invitati...

Helpful tips when creating your Custom Wedding Invitations

Posted - 10/02/2013

When you have set the date, you’ve chosen your venue and now you’re looking into getting your custom wedding invitations. Consider designing them with your own flair because each couple has their own individual preference and style, which shows off their personalities. When you are designing your custom invita...
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